Great Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Teens

When it comes to finding bedroom decorating ideas for teens, you will likely find it a bit more challenging than working with the younger kids. First of all, teens tend to already have their minds set on what they want. At least, they’ll have very definite ideas on what they find unacceptable. It is important to work with this age group and keep communication open so that you can both come to an agreement on ways to decorate their bedroom that will keep them happy while staying within your budget as well.

Teens are past the age where you can go with cutesy characters and themes, but there are still a lot of great ideas. Looking through various decorating books with your teen is the best way to start opening the dialog and getting an idea of where your teen would like to go with the theme or décor of their room.

By the time your child reaches their teen years they should be allowed to have a great deal of input in how their room will be decorated. Of course, as the parent, I would still have veto power and insist that the room not go too far out of what I would consider acceptable. But, giving a child some free reign in designing an area of their own can help them learn to make important decisions. It can be hard to accept their choices at times, but I’d give them an opportunity to decide for themselves as long as it doesn’t get offensive.

Sports themes can be a great option for teens who are into basketball, baseball, hockey or some other sport. I have a boy who loves baseball and a daughter who is a gymnast, both of these are great choices for kids and gives them an opportunity to reflect their own personal style and likes. However, not all kids are into sports, so choosing a color scheme might work better. Ask your teen what their favorite color is and try to work in various shades of that color. Choose a variety of different casual pieces that will make their room comfortable and cozy. Huge bean bag chairs, large throw pillows and comfortable chairs can all be great additions to a teen’s room.

When choosing a bed for a teen, you might want to consider trundle beds which are a great way to accommodate overnight guests. After all, by the time your child is a teenager, they probably will not be too thrilled with the idea of sharing a bed with their friend. A trundle bed can be pulled out to allow for their friend to spend the night, or even as a comfortable place for your teen to sit and relax while working on schoolwork or reading. Twin beds can also make a great option for beds because it still allows the teenager to have an overnight guest with their own bed, but it can be a good place to stretch out and visit, especially if your child likes to have several friends in their room at one time.

Some of the most important things to keep in mind when considering bedroom decorating ideas for teens is that the room should be something that they have helped design, it should also be a comfortable area where the child can escape and have privacy and it should meet their needs; a desk for computer use, book shelves, a place to do homework, a comfortable chair or two to kick back and relax. These are all going to be important factors for a teen.

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