Decorating Your Master Bedroom

Choices for decorating your master bedroom are as unique as you are.  The most important choice to make is finding a style that expresses your personality and fits the room.  Start by looking at the floors and walls- the color of these large surfaces gives the room a certain feeling.  For bedrooms that do not have many windows, consider using a light colored paint or wallpaper that will make the room seem brighter.

Adding carpet or a large area rug to the room is a good way to change the style of the room.  For example, a Persian style rug creates an elegant look, while those with trees or floral motifs give a more casual, relaxed feel.  You can also use a solid color rug that will compliment the colors of window coverings and the bedspread.

Placing a king size bed in your master bedroom makes an instant statement.  If you like antique furniture, consider an antique king size bed that matches other pieces you already own.  For a more contemporary feel, you can often find king size beds that are both affordable and stylish.  Because a king size bed is such a large piece, all other furniture in the room should be chosen to match the bed.

A nightstand is another way to add style to your master bed room.  Nightstands should coordinate with the bed in terms of color or style even if they do not match exactly.  Many people use nightstands to display small decorative items, but if too many are used, the nightstand will appear cluttered.  Displaying a few favorite pictures and a lovely lamp is enough to make your nightstand look at home in the bedroom.

People who work from home or who enjoy browsing the internet before bedtime may want to add a desk to their bedroom.  You can find many well constructed desks that will match other furniture pieces, with many particularly beautiful options made of solid wood.  A bedroom desk should not only match other furniture in style and color, it should be similarly scaled so it does not take up too much room.  Since the main purpose of a bedroom is to rest and relax, having too many work related items can make the room less peaceful.  For many people, even a television in the bedroom is too big a distraction and makes the room feel like a hotel.

Each room should be designed around an idea or theme that makes it cohesive.  Not does having a theme make it more fun to decorate the bedroom, it also allows you to express your personal style.  A newly married couple may choose a romantic design that includes lace window coverings, a lace bed cover, and elegant or classically styled furniture.  Other couples might decide on a ‘retro’ style with bright paint and fabrics and casual furniture pieces.  Creating a spa-like feeling using softly colored paint, natural elements, and pastel fabrics is another good option.

Other elements that can make your master bedroom feel more personal include using a large mirror that can make the bedroom feel larger.  Hanging pictures of friends and loved ones on the wall makes the room feel more loving.  Adding plants gives the room a relaxing and soothing feeling.

No matter how you choose to decorate, the master bedroom should make you feel happy and relaxed whenever you enter.  There are so many choices for master bedroom decorating, you will want to focus on finding one that suits you.  Make sure that all furniture pieces work well together, and feel free to try new colors or mix and match items to add your personal touch to a space.  As you experiment with new ideas, you will find a personal style that is both practical and fun.


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