Why I Love My Storage Bed

I do not have a lot of storage space in my home. I am constantly looking for places to put things. That is why I love furniture that does double duty. I used to shove everything underneath the bed. This is not the best place to put something that you use all the time. Sheets and comforters should not be put on the floor. I found out the hard way. When I changed the sheets and pulled out the spare set it was always covered in dust and had to be washed. This really defeated the purpose as the sheets that I had just changed needed to be washed anyway.

When I discovered sleigh beds I thought I had found nirvana. These beds have all kinds of hidden drawers underneath which instantly solved my storage issues. They are useful and do not take away from the beauty of the furniture. I had a hard time deciding which bed to choose as there were so many different styles to pick from. Some had two big drawers at the end of the bed while another had 3 drawers on each side. I also found one that had two drawers at the bottom and 3 drawers on each side. I finally chose the model that had the drawers on the side. This way I was able to put my ottoman at the end of the bed and still access my storage.

My kids were another issue. The girls share a bedroom and they often have friends stay the night. I did not want their guests to sleep on the floor and I knew that my daughters wanted them to be in the same room so staying in the guest room was out of the question. A trundle bed was the answer. Trundle beds have an additional bed that slides out from underneath. The extra bed is on rollers and is very easy to move. Some of the models that I looked at actually had a pop up feature which made both beds the same height. One of the best things about trundle beds is that you can take the mattress off of the lower bed and use the space for storage. I ended up buying two and still had plenty of space when the trundles were not being used.

Once I had discovered all of this extra storage with the sleigh bed and trundles it was time to work on the guest room. This room has a really tiny closet and there is not a lot of space for visitors to put their belongings. Because of my own storage issues every closet in the house is filled with my stuff. I wanted to find a bed that had a lot of drawers for guests to use. Another storage bed was the perfect solution. I looked at several different styles, but it was hard to decide. A captain’s bed certainly had a lot of drawer space, but it was very large and did not suit my decor. Another bed that I really liked was quite simple. The bed frame sat off of the floor and had portable drawers that rolled out from underneath. I liked it, but did not think it was very practical for overnight guests. I finally settled on a platform storage bed. This was smaller than the captain’s bed, but had the same amount of storage. There were 3 drawers on each side which were built into the wooden bed frame.

Storage beds really are the answer. With all of this extra space I can actually use my closets again.

Phoenix Collection Queen Size Book Case Chest Bed w/Drawers

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