Spice Up Your Relationship With New Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

With work, children, vacations and house work, your master bedroom can go without decorating attention for decades, I know mine did.  Renovating or adding new master bedroom interior decorating ideas into your space can rejuvenate you, how you feel about your home and your relationship. Updated master bedroom decorating ideas are easy to implement, can be done in a weekend and the final look can be similar to home decor magazine photos.

Before you start buying, cleaning and throwing old furniture out to make room for the new, it is important to make a design plan that includes a theme, colors, furniture choices, wall and window treatments and floor coverings. I like to make a vision board of sorts and include several samples of paint colors painted on the board, along with a fabric swatches that I may consider using for either the comforter or throw pillows etc.  Maybe even a lamp or two cut from a magazine to help with the overall look on the board.Color Palette   This all sounds overwhelming and more than anyone would bargain for on their own, but with some thoughtfulness and a home decor review the project becomes manageable and affordable.  If you can reuse an existing dresser or chest but putting a new coat of stain or paint on it, then you are saving money and the environment.

The overall theme relates to style and style period.  Are you a retro fan, are you looking to compliment a style that compliments your current home, is a minimalist theme better to keep the clutter down and provide you with a simple space, or do you want a provincial French style based on a favorite chair that you have in the room.  Style is easy to determine and will assist in determining the rest of the master bedroom decorating ideas.  In this case, we have chosen a minimalist style to keep costs down, highlight the king size bed that takes up a good portion of the room and create an opportunity to build texture and color with the bed sheets, comforter and throw pillow materials.

This style choice then leads to a discussion about floor coverings or treatments and wall color.  Minimalist styles are monochromatic, using pale colors for the floor and walls and one or two colors for accents.  The current carpet happens to be covering thick boarded hardwood floors and can be pulled up with little damage. If this is not the case in your house, then the following options can be considered for your flooring.  You can install hardwood floors, you can clean the current carpet to give it a good look or you can replace the current carpet or add a throw rug.  Carpets and flooring should be durable, and affordable so make your choice according to budget, and design.  The wall color for the minimalist theme will be a cappuccino brown, a medium brown with a slight hint of beige.  Wallpaper or textured paints would not be the best choice in this style choice.  The eye is to go to the bed, which was decided in the plan, so the walls need to secondarily compliment the king size bed not take away from the focal point in the room.

The next decision is window treatments.  Considering the master bedroom decorating ideas for this room are focusing on the textiles of king size bed, the window treatments will have simple shades but curtains will be used to compliment the textiles on the bed.  The textiles will a dark brown silk with green accents.  The shades will have the same cappuccino color as the walls with the green accent used in the curtains.  This will build continuity, conformity and create an opportunity to incorporate some of the accent green into the room.

The final piece to the master bedroom decorating ideas in this minimalist room is the importance of the bed linens and coverings.  In the original plan, the king size bed and its accessories determined the style, the floor, the window treatments and floor choice.  The bed linens will be Egyptian cotton dark brown sheets with a raw silk duvet cover and over 10 different throw pillows with complimentary but different colors, green being the accent color with dark brown.  The pillows will build the depth and texture, and the accent green will build design symmetry and interest.  The blanket throw will be in green and be kept at the end of the bed for added texture.

This bedroom could be completed in a weekend, shopping for the items completed in three previous weekend excursions and your new master bedroom decorating ideas can become a reality without a huge investment of time or money.  Remember to finish off your master bedroom upgrade with the additional of high thread count sheets.  I love sexy bedding, the king sized sheets are luxurious, the pillows fluffy and when I get into bed at night, ahhhh.   The update would be easier than a renovation and if done well, increase the price of your home.

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