Sexy Bedding Ideas for Your Bed

Trying to come up with sexy bedding ideas for your bed? If so, you might have discovered how much of a challenge it can be. Why? Because, for many people, there bedroom is a dumping ground for things like clean clothes that haven’t been folded yet, and the clutter you want to hide away from the more public areas of your house. Sometimes, it’s hard to look at the bedroom and think “sexy” or “romantic.” However, with just a few sexy bedding ideas, you can quickly transform your bedroom into a romantic oasis.

Sexy Bedding Ideas

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. You can add a little romance to any bed. When most people think of romantic beds, they think of sleigh bed, Victorian-styled bed, or even canopy beds. But the fact is that any bed, whether it’s king size bed you’ve just bought, or the double bed you can’t wait to get rid of, can be made more romantic and sexy with just a little imagination. For example, you can use hooks from the ceiling to hang curtains around your bed, and create a romantic, canopy affect.

2. Choose a sexy color or print for your bedding. It’s true. Some colors and patterns are just sexier than others. Red is a very popular choice when it comes to sexy bedding. But it’s not your only choice. Rich jewel tones might be more your style. Or how about a rich burgundy sheet set? And, while some people find animal prints to be very sexy, don’t run out and buy a zebra print sheet set unless you know it will match your bedroom décor.

3. Buy sheets that will feel good against your skin. While the way your sheets look can play a big part in creating a romantic or sexy atmosphere, the way they feel can be just as important. If you’re trying to enjoy a romantic evening with that special someone, the last thing you want is stiff, scratchy sheets that make a crinkling noise every time you move. Instead, opt for soft, luxurious sheets that will feel great against your skin. Silk sheets come to mind when most of us think of sexy bedding. But you could also consider buying a set of high quality, Egyptian cotton sheets. Yes, they can be pricey. But they will also last for a long time, and can help to make your bed feel as sexy as it looks.

4. Consider how the bedding smells. Believe it or not, how a bed smells can affect how sexy it feels. Those dryer sheets you just bought might smell really good, but will that scent really help to create a sexy or romantic atmosphere? Chances are it won’t. Fortunately, you can buy dryer sheets in a variety of “designer” scents, some of which can be very sexy indeed. You can also consider spraying the bedding with a sexy perfume (but use just a little, I went a little overboard with it once, not a good plan at all), or even a sensual (and fabric safe) aromatherapy spray.

5. Consider the rest of the bedroom décor and with a few simple interior decorating changes you can make your master bedroom one sexy place. While the bed is the centerpiece when it comes to making your bedroom feel more sexy and romantic, don’t forget the rest of the room. Dimming the lights, putting away the clutter, and choosing curtains that add to the sexy feel of the room will go a long way towards setting a romantic mood.



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