Modern Decor with a Sleigh Bed

Modern bedroom decor is known for its elegant simplicity and light form. There is a distinct lack of ornamentation and distinct geometry to it. It came about as a reaction to the heavy looking highly decorated and carved pieces of the periods prior to the nineteenth century. The pieces are simple yet elegant and present an uncluttered look to any bedroom.  High style decor  is often associated with more modern bedroom decor because of it’s sleek lines and minimal bedroom accessories.

The primary choice when selecting a bed is to know what size you need. The customary sizes are twin, full, queen, and king size beds. A twin size is generally for children or perhaps a guest room. The difference between a full and queen size bed is a width of six inches. Full size beds were demanded in houses that were smaller in size and the four feet six inches provided adequate sleeping space. The extra space saved accommodated the other bedroom furniture pieces. Queen size beds provide that six inches more, making them five feet wide, to accommodate people who need more space when they sleep. King size beds measure in at six foot six inches providing a roomy space to sleep. These are ideal for larger size rooms and may overpower smaller rooms. If you are not sure about the size of the bed in relation to the size of your room, ask a qualified designer and they should be able to guide you.

Sleigh Bed
A sleigh bed is a type of bed which rolls or curves at the top of the headboard and footboard and resembles a sleigh. The footboard is lower in height then the headboard. The length and exaggeration of the curve can vary by manufacturer. Sleigh beds can be constructed from any number of materials including steel, leather, iron, rattan, wood, upholstery, or aluminum. The sleigh bed remains a highly popular piece because of its timelessness.

The newest interior design ideas trend involves using a complementary material to enhance the design. Some of the materials which can be incorporated, or built in, to the frame include rattan, leather, or material. They can enhance and provide an additional element to your bedroom décor.

A more modern approach is to create the bedroom furniture design using steel, iron, and aluminum. These modern materials are balanced with the clean look of the sleigh bed to provide the classic timeless look associated with the sleigh bed.

The most widely used material is wood. Sleigh beds can be constructed from almost any wood you may have existing such as oak, cherry, walnut, maple, or mahogany. The wood you choose will most likely be the one which will coordinate with any existing pieces in your room.

Bedroom Décor
Selecting bedroom décor is determined by the details you choose. The painting, window treatments, carpets and rugs, and accessories are what provide the true elements to create your look. As you create your room look at magazines, in furniture stores, and online to see the different elements that they have put together to create their final decorative statement. This will provide you with ideas and elements to put together.

As you put together your bedroom try to select pieces which you will enjoy and create the ambiance you desire in your room. If you are not sure ask the store about their return policy prior to purchasing, put the piece in your room for a couple of days, and then decide. Enjoy decorating!

Sleigh Bed

Wicker Sleigh Bed Tropical

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