Kids Bed Choices

One thing is for sure that a necessary item of life and that every member of your family needs is a bed.  Thankfully there are abundant choices in variety in kids beds and bedding. When going out to buy a kids bed make sure you buy a bed that is right for your child’s room, age, the amount you want to spend and of course your child’s style. Most kids entertain their classmates and friends in their rooms. So their room needs to be as versatile as they are. Their rooms are used for studying, resting, socializing, sleeping and of course entertaining friends. So their beds should serve different purposes. Trundle beds and storage beds are perfect examples of these kinds of beds.

Trundle beds are a good example for rooms that are occupied by two children and space is a concern. Trundle beds for kids come in all kinds of styles. You can have two twin beds on top of each other, one single bed on top and a full bed that is on the bottom of the bed and it can fold up to be a futon or can lay flat. Trundle beds do not require having the second bed out at all times and can be stored underneath the upper bed. It is a great way for multiple children and very little space. They can come in both metal and wood which offer comfort and of course stability. What you pick depends on your price range and your style.

The most familiar bed for a child is a twin bed. It is the normal pick by most parents because it is large enough so your child  has room to grown but yet small enough to fit into any child’s bedroom. Twin bunk beds, storage beds and trundle beds are great for space savers. The twin beds are accessible in many materials, some for boys and some for girls and some neutral and of course many colors and styles. Price wise twin beds are the way to go. Cabin beds are also nice because they have dresser drawers underneath the bed. Kind of like getting two pieces of furniture for the one price.

Storage beds can be a good choice for a single child or older children. Storage beds come in twin or full size. This can add space to your bedroom because all of the storage can be under the mattress or in dresser drawers in the framework under the mattress area. With a child of any age, storage is always an issue.

Sleigh beds can be a good choice for a kids room also. Twin sleigh beds don’t take up a lot of floor space. They are only 75 inches long, which is too short for adults so it would be perfect for the kids.

If you want to keep your princess in sweet dreams, canopy beds would be the right choice also. Canopy beds can come with flowing veils or a fixed upper canopy. There are also theme beds for both boys and girls that can make the dreams of any child come true.  A racecar bed for boys, princess beds for girls or even a pirate ship.

Ready beds are a great option if you are just having young guests at your house for a visit or a night or two. Ready beds are inflatable and are comfortable to sleep on and come already made with bedding. They can come with cartoon characters or just in colors. They inflate and deflate easy, roll up and store until the next use.

There are so many different kinds of kid’s beds that it just boils down to comfort, if your child can sleep comfortably and you can are happy with the design and style, go for it.

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Stock Car Twin Bed, Tool Chest Dresser & Toy BoxPirate Ship Toddler BedPowell Princess Rebecca Sparkle Silver Canopy Bed, Twin

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