Decorating Your Master Bedroom, Your Sanctuary

The master bedroom of your home is your sanctuary, the place that you can go to get away from it all. There are a lot of ways to decorate your master bedroom and depending on your personal style the type of decorating that is done should make you want to spend more time in your master bedroom. Since I have started redoing my bedroom, it is becoming a place I look forward to coming to at the end of the day.  I didn’t worry about not know the professionals way of how to decorate a bedroom, I looked through websites, looked at magazine and started.  The following are just a few ideas regarding interior decorating.

One of the main aspects of your bedroom is the bed of course, if you have a large room a king size bed can offer comfort and plenty of room. King size beds are large though so having a room that is large enough to accommodate it is necessary or you could end up feeling like there is not enough room to function in your master bedroom. One popular style of bed is the sleigh bed, sleigh beds need to be in rooms that are large however because they require space in the front and the back of them. Sleigh beds can fit with just about any bedroom decor. Deciding the type of furniture that you want for your master bedroom may not seem like a hard thing to do, but remember that you will need to make sure that your furniture matches your decor style. You would not want to put lacquer furniture in a room that is decorated with a traditional or country fashion.

Depending on the size of your master bedroom, you could add a sitting area or even a desk to your room. Areas like these can help with everything from getting dressed in the morning to a place to work, read or pay bills.  Finding different interior decorating ideas for my master bedroom has been fun and I have surprised myself by the style of furniture that I seem to be gravitating to.  I have added some luxurious bedding and new pillows so that when I crawl into bed at night, it feels good.  My bedsheets are a higher thread count and were well worth the money.  Although I have found some that were not as high a thread count but were soft and silky and felt almost as good for about a third of the price.  Make sure and feel the sheets before you buy them, don’t just trust the label.

Rooms decorated in a contemporary fashion are often traditional and have functional colors that can change with your evolving style. For those that have a more eclectic style vibrant colors and patterns can be found, they can provide a room with a lot of energy. For those who prefer a more subdued decor, the cottage style is often described as both comforting, inviting and even “shabby chic” meaning that there is no reason for all of the furniture to match, as long as it is comfortable and fashionable.

Master bedrooms are often given to children to share one room, especially when the kids are close in age. If this is the case it can be hard to get both children to agree on the decor of the space. One of the best solutions to this is to allow them to decorate their “side” of the room in their own personal style. Tell them that they must keep the walls to the room one specific color but they can decorate the rest of the room anyway they feel will express themselves; or if you are brave you can actually let them paint their side of the room what ever color they want. Allowing your child to decorate his or her space the way they want will help them assert some independence. If you have some rules that you want them to abide by when it comes to decorating their room tell them ahead of time that you will only allow so much to be done without your input.

Whether you use the master bedroom of your home as your own personal bedroom or you give it to your children as a room to share; having a room that you want to return home to and relax in is important.

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