Decorating Ideas For Tween’s Bedrooms

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When your children reach that age where they are no longer young children, yet are not quite teenagers their needs can change as can their personalities, their likes and dislikes.  Believe it or not this can happen nearly overnight and you may suddenly find yourself with a child who no longer wants the same things, including their bedroom decor!

At some point your child will want their bedroom re-decorated to suit their growing interests and hobbies, favorite cartoon characters are replaced by more grown up idols and they may want their personal space to represent that.

Below are some bedroom decorating ideas for tweens:

Saving space – growing children need more space and rather than changing around bedrooms to allow for their growing interests a great space saving solution is a new bed, futons, twin beds and trundle beds are great options that can greatly improve the space available in your tweens bedroom.

Trundle beds are a great option if your preteen will be having friends to sleep over, futons are great for storage, and twin beds, especially the high sleeper variety allow for added storage as well as being spacious enough for a growing tween!

When it comes to decorating ideas your child’s interests should be taken into account as well as their growing needs. Many children of this age group will be learning about computers in school and at some stage they may need a small area of the bedroom for a computer desk or for doing schoolwork and studying.

A great tips for decorating a tween’s room is to think ahead, tween’s are really just younger teenagers and while it is important to redesign their bedroom now, you may not want to do it again in two years when they are teenagers, so take this into account before you bring out the pastel pink paint. She may not want it for very long!

The best way to ensure that you and your tweenager get a great room that will last for years is to decorate together if possible, let them have an input and help out with advice and suggestions.

Decorating on a budget:

A complete redesign does not have to cost the earth, in most cases there will be some expense where new furniture is needed but many things can be changed to create a more “grown up” look without it costing the earth. New paint on the walls can really change the look and feel of a bedroom and it’s won’t break the bank.

Most tweens are entering the wall poster age group so saving a little by simply painting the walls a new color is not a loss, most of the wall space may end up covered in posters of their favorite band or television personality.

Changing flooring will depend on what is already in place but if you do have to change the floor a good idea is to go for some type of wooden flooring or laminate, it is easy to match and is long lasting, in other word’s they won’t outgrow it!

Themed Tween Bedrooms:

At this stage it is safe enough to say that choosing a theme for your child’s bedroom is probably not a good idea. Tweens are notorious for changing their interests on a weekly basis as they learn and grow into young adults they are likely to change their minds very often and one thing that you do not want to do is choose a theme that will become outdated in a very short space of time.

Decorating with your tween can be a great experience for both parents and their children and is a great way to get to know what your child is interested in and bond before they become teenagers.

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