Decorating A Tweeners Bedroom Is A Time For Bonding

Do you have a tweener in your home? You know, they are no longer children, but not really teenagers. It is that awkward time in life when lots of changes are happening. It seems like yesterday that you were looking at cribs and bedroom colors after you found out the sex of your new little bundle of joy. It was a wonderful, exciting time and there have been many more enjoyable moments then you thought were possible. Parenting is a wonderful blessing and a big responsibility.

Maybe it is time to put away the super hero sheets and the strawberry shortcake decorations and find a new bedroom design for your tweener. Things are a little different now because they want to be a big part of the decorating process and of course they should. It is their bedroom and it is an important thing that they feel a part of this renovation

Now, there are some limitations. It your tweener wants to look at king size beds in the store you can redirect them to the twin beds, or even the trundle beds. You are still the parent, but making them feel in charge of some of the important decisions will help them want to maintain and clean up their space. In other words, they need some ownership.

Start by sitting down and talking about what bedroom design they would like to use. Make sure it is flexible, because they are growing fast and in a short time will be full grow teenagers. The room should allow for this transition and yet reflect their personality.

Do they like a certain sports team? Are they interested in music? Adding a wall of black paint that is made for chalk can be fun and inexpensive. They will have a chance to express themselves in a fun and safe way.

There is a lot to think about. Are they ready for a full size bed or do you want to stay with twins, so it is easy to have over nights? Are Bunk Beds A Good Idea For Tweens? They could be the answer if you have a small room and want to have that extra space.

Take a trip to the store with your tweener and ask them for their opinion. After you have seen what is available, it might be time to think of a theme. Tweeners have lots of interests, so it is easy to find one that could be fun and unique to decorate with.

When they choose the color of the room, you might be a little worried and it might not be what you would have chosen. A simple coat of paint will solve that problem in a few years. Remember, they will soon be off to college and you need to enjoy the simple things while you can.

Decorating a bed room with a tweener is certainly a bonding time. They are learning what it takes to change a room and they are taking some responsibly for their own space. Times are changing and kids are growing way to fast, but it is the simple things in life that cause us to remember why we love being parents. So have fun with your tweener and I bet you will end up with the best room ever.

Tween Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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