Bunk Beds, Daybeds, Trundle Beds, Sleigh Beds. What Is The Best Bed For Me?

There are many different bed styles to choose from when decorating a room.  If you are looking for a bed with a head and footboard that has some design movement, a sleigh bed is the best choice.  Other great bed choices to choose from are daybeds, trundle beds, and bunk beds and all of them offer a great choice.

Bunk beds are available in many different styles.  You will find the modern bunk bed made from metal, or the old fashioned ones made from wood.  Today you will find that bunk beds have a single bed on top, while on the bottom there is a futon.  This is great for any room because during the day the futon can be used as a couch to lounge around on and do homework or for your teens to have friends hang out on.   Another great bunk bed style is for the bed on the bottom to be turned, so that there is a desk space.  This is good for the college student because it will give them space to do homework, well at least we are hoping they are doing homework and not just on Facebook or surfing the web.Student Studying or Facebook  Make sure that if you are buying bunk beds for young children that you get a bunk bed with a safety guard so that the child doesn’t fall off the bed.

Trundle beds are a great idea to have in a spare or guest room.  Having a trundle bed will allow the homeowner to accommodate two people in one room, which is great if multiple people or families come to visit at the same time.  When not in use the trundle can be made into a sofa, which will give your guests a great place to hang out as well as sleep.

Daybeds are great for a room that you want to add a decorated appeal to.  These types of beds off the most for any interior decorating ideas that you might come up with.  There are different materials to choose from when getting a day bed; this is good because you can match the material to the décor of a room.  Adding pillows to the bed when not in use will make the bed look like a sofa and will be a great sitting space to use.  Also there is the option of buying a trundle bed to slide under the day bed; this is great because it will add another sleeping space to the room without taking up the space a double or queen bed would.  The best place for this type of bed is in a child’s room because only one person sleeps in the room unless a guest comes over to spend the might.

Sleigh beds can be found in both antique and modern styles.  Make sure that you lay on this type of bed before buying it to ensure that you have adequate room to stretch out.  Also make sure you measure where you want the bed to go in a room so that you ensure there is enough space for the bed to fit.

There are many bed styles to choose from when decorating a new room.  Choosing the right bed will allow a guest to feel comfortable, as well as having a great space to look at.  Make sure to do some research into the type of bed that you are looking for before you buy because you will find reviews on if the bed is great or not.  Finding the right bed for a room is a little difficult, but in the end it will be money and time well spent.

Sleigh Bed

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