Bunk Beds Allow Flexibility

Homeowners can configure a bedroom to accommodate the family’s needs through the creative use of a wide variety of beds available in today’s marketplace.  Bunk beds, daybeds and trundle beds can be used to maximize space and solve any number of area and design issues.  A sleigh bed can be a lovely design element in a room with the capacity to contain a headboard and footboard.

The bunk beds available today are not simply the rough, nailed to the wall, old fashioned camp style that may come to mind.  Modern bunk structures can be made of wood or metal.  Configurations include single beds on the top and bottom or singles with a double berth on the bottom.  In addition, two singles can be configured with the lower unit turned at a 90 degree angle, creating space for a desk under the upper level.  Teen or college aged owners of small rooms may like an option with a loft above and seating below.  Parents of young children will want to ensure that an upper bunk has a safety guard to prevent falling accidents when children are sleeping or playing.

A trundle bed is a very good choice for a guest room that can accommodate either a single or double bed.  The homeowner gains flexibility with this choice since the trundle slides under the upper section when not in use, creating space that is more open.  Up to two guests can share the room and when not needed, the trundle bed can be made up to look like a sofa or single bed depending on need.

The daybed is essentially a single bed with three decorative sides.  This piece of furniture can also be purchased in a variety of materials that will suit the homeowner’s décor. When not being used for sleeping, the use of pillows or bolsters can make this piece look like a sofa to create a sitting area.  In addition, a trundle can be purchased to slide under the daybed, thus creating another sleeping space.  Children’s bedrooms are a good place for day beds and trundle beds as they only use the area of a single bed until a guest comes to spend the night.

Although an antique idea, a sleigh bed can be purchased in both old fashioned and contemporary styles. Since sleigh beds have both head- and footboards, the homeowner should lay down on a sleigh bed before buying to be sure it is long enough to ensure comfort while sleeping.   Room measurements, bed size and other furniture should be taken into account as this type bed may require more space than others may.

The many choices available help make a home more flexible for entertaining overnight guests while maintaining usable space for everyday living.  A little research, accurate measuring and lifestyle assessment can help create a comfortable and usable home.

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