Best Type Of Bed For Your Guest Room

The guest room is a part of the home that many people have trouble furnishing in a way that fulfills their artistic desires. The reasons for this vary, but most of those reasons revolve around a lack of understanding in regards to what a guest room actually is. Some people will treat it like any other bedroom while, someone else might see it as an excuse to try out a different interior design style from the scheme of the home. Either way, they fail to take into account who the room will primarily be used for.

When you furnish a guest room, it is important to consider the people who will be most likely to use the room. A guest room is designed specifically for guests, so the quality of the room should be high.  However, hospitality can only go so far considering that most people will not treat another person’s property as carefully as they will treat their own. This is especially true if the people who use this guest room are typically children. If your guests are children, you can find some wonderful bed in a bag designs that have the bed skirt, pillow shams etc.  If something happens to the bed in a bag set, no big deal since they are usually reasonably priced etc.

The best way to choose furnishings for a guest room will be to base the decisions on economics, style, and usage. When the room is primarily used by adults a slightly more lavish touch is appropriate. However, while it is important to allow guests to feel comfortable it is also important to remember that they are guests. If they should become too comfortable they might not leave readily. This can lead to friction in the home. The best option is to make certain that the room has a feeling of warmth and welcome, but make things mildly inconvenient in ways that are not noticeable. For instance, only keep one clean towel in the room or arrange it so that you accidentally forget to put shampoo or soap in the bathroom, if one is attached. Little things like this don’t make people feel unwelcome so much as allow them to remember that they are guests.

When it comes to choosing furniture for the room, the most important piece will be the bed. Sleigh beds are an interesting style to use as they can be found at a reasonable price and are quite beautiful. These beds are nice to have when the room is used by older couples, as they provide a warm and friendly home style atmosphere to a room. However, if the guests staying in the room are children then bunk beds or some sort of platform storage bed might be best. With children, the important item to keep in mind is that sturdy and easy to clean or repair is best. Steel frames, that hold comfortable mattresses are best. A mattress that is designed with a plastic or rubber sheet coating is often the best to use with children or perhaps the elderly. Due to incontinence and similar issues the bed will be easier to clean.

Trundle beds are also popular items to use when planning out a guest room. This type of bed is similar to the bunk bed concept. The primary difference is that a trundle bed does not use the secondary bed space constantly. These beds can often be used as storage beds due to how many of them do not have a mattress on the second bed. These items are perfect for when more than one guest drops by, or if a guest brings a friend. While the bunk bed approach is often more comfortable for younger children, trundle beds might be perfect for sleepovers and other concepts that older children and teenagers tend to enjoy.

No matter what type of bed is chosen it is important to remember that a guest room is for guests.   Try and make it as nice as possible without spending a fortune on the bedroom furniture, the bedding and other decor items.  If you make it too comfortable, the guests will definitely stay too long, trust me on this…….

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