Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Your Guest Bedroom

If you’re like me, then you adore the idea of redecorating. However, like me, you probably need a few ideas now and then to get your redecorative juices flowing. The guest bedroom is a place in the home that can be seen one of two ways. It is either an extra space to stash beloved relatives during the holidays, or it is similar to a motel. In short, the second type of guest bedroom is a revolving room occupied by anyone who seems to believe they should have the right to sleep over. Either way, the end result of redecorating that space will be to update its look.

Choosing The Setup

The most important thing you can do when designing the look of a room is to determine exactly how much of the space will be changing. The setup portion of this plan-of-action involves actually deciding what will be done to the room. Does it just need a change of curtains or a new bed? Do the walls need to be papered or painted? Small changes can be completed readily, but larger changes will require further planning for expediency. I choose to assume that you want to redecorate the room from the ground up. In this phase it is important to design the exact layout you wish for the room, as well as the new furnishings. Since this is a guest room there are two choices to make. The room can either perfectly match the rest of the house’s bedrooms, or it can be designed to be comfortable, but not too comfortable. The purpose of the location is that it is meant for guests after all. The goal of having guests generally involves having them wish to leave at some point.

Out With The Old

Since we are completely redecorating the room from the ground up it is time to remove all of the old furniture. The old furniture can be placed anywhere you like as long as it is not within the work space. Sometimes simply taking everything out and placing it inside the room in new arrangements might be the best choice as well. Either way, take it all out. While you are at it, take out the carpets, the curtains, and possibly the lighting fixtures as well. Clean the area thoroughly after this is accomplished.

In With The New

The first step in this process will be to put in new carpeting or tile depending on your preference. Carpeting is nice and provides warmth to the room. However, stain resistant tile is easier to clean. This can be important if your guests like to party or there will be small children staying in the room. Once the floor is in, pick a color for the walls and overall furnishings. A bright sunny room may be good for children who visit, but a more laid back autumn look will make older people comfortable most of the time.

If you choose a solid color for the walls that is bright, try to make the curtains similar in color, but not exactly the same. A pastel yellow wall may be offset by a darker yellow set of curtains, for instance. Since these individuals are guests it should be noted that it is better to provide furnishings that are interesting to look at but that are also stain and damage resistant. People have a tendency to be less careful with furniture and items they did not personally pay for.

Guest Bedroom Decorating

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