Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Tweens

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Your child will reach an age where they are no longer a child but are not a teenager quite yet either. Your child will be consider a tween which means they are simply in between. You may find that this even happened overnight. With the new interests for tweens, you may find that you are in need or some redecorating ideas.

Here are some suggestions on what you can do for bedroom decorating ideas for tweens.

Save space as children and teenagers are always in need of more space. You want to move the items around in the bedroom to make room for new and bigger things. Another bedroom decoration idea and one to help save space, try purchasing a futon instead of a bed or purchase a trundle bed that allows for storage underneath or even a bed that pulls out and stays hidden when not in use. Make sure that you are decorating the room in a style or taste that is in but not something that is going to go out like yesterdays trash or else you’ll be redecorating every couple of months. Be sure to save space for their homework as they will more than likely be requiring time on a computer to do homework. Just be sure that you are ready and will be thinking to the future when you attempt decorating a tweens room. In order to be sure that you are not going to have to redecorate anytime soon is to decorate the tweens room together. Allow their input for the bedroom ideas to be taken seriously and use the suggestions that they have also.

When you decorate on a budget:

It can be costly to decorate a room and therefore, when you’re on budget, it can be difficult to create a new space for your tween. This is especially true if you are purchasing new furniture. The good thing is that most of the tweens are entering into the poster stage which means that most of their wall spaces will be covered anyways. When it comes to the floor, be sure to use a wood floor alternative or laminates this will match nearly any color choice they like at the moment. You will want to place area rugs to help with traction if your concerned on slipping or sliding on a smooth surface and to help match the paint on the walls.

Bedrooms that are themed for tweens:

Its not a very good idea for you to do this at this point. You do not know if a theme will stick around long enough to consider this as an idea. Since most tweens will change their minds on a weekly basis, you want to have something that they will like over a certain amount of time. A theme can quickly become outdated and therefore will become a thing of the past quite quickly. Save your time and money by not doing this until you are sure that the interest will stick around. This is something that will keep you interested in what your child likes by speaking with them about their current interests.

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